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Panos Brands

Our Response to Social Injustice and Inclusion

For the past few weeks, we’ve been listening, learning and developing a plan on how to move forward. Since our inception, PANOS brands has provided a diverse range of packaged foods and snacks that capture flavors from around the world, and we believe that diversity should not stop there.

Our company pillars are built on Respect, Collaboration, Honesty, and Responsibility. It has become abundantly clear that we need to highlight Diversity and Inclusion as many other organizations have also done to address their response to racial injustice.  We realize actions speak louder than words and still have much to do when it comes to bringing actionable shifts in our company. Our first initiative is to create a Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce, which will be sponsored by Senior Leadership as well as our new Human Resources and Inclusion Director to ensure ideas are met with the highest level of consideration and regard. We have recently completed roundtable employee focus group discussions internally so all voices can be heard. We are reflecting on our own community, including our company and all agency partners/suppliers, and will more clearly define our vision for the future, acknowledging our desire for inclusion and improvement.

As a company, we understand that we can’t end racism and social injustice alone, but we can positively affect our community and the communities we touch. We will continue to be transparent with the shifts we make as a company and our roadmap ahead. Consumers have always relied on PANOS for its diverse food products, and the diversity should not stop there.

We are listening. We are moving forward. We are not standing still.